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  • Trees, shrubs, and perennials: that's what we've been growing since 1981.
  • 75 acres have been in production.
  • Field grown balled and burlapped plants: 4 feet to 16 feet evergreens and shrubs and 1- to 5-inch caliper shade and ornamental trees (caliper is the diameter of the trunk measured 6 inches above the ground)
  • Containerized plants: trees, shrubs, (and perennials). During summer and fall 2009, we liquidated most of our older stock, and in 2011 we discontinued growing new stock but we continue to have some containerized trees and shrubs.
  • Wholesale: we sell to the trade at wholesale prices
  • Retail: we sell to the general public at retail prices, with price breaks at certain levels of purchase
  • Family owned and operated: established in 1981
  • We are a grower: our plants are acclimated to the climate, fertilized, pruned, & watered until sold (distinguishing us from mass merchandisers and many garden centers)
  • We locate plants for you if we don't have them. If you provide us with a list, we will gather the plants we have and locate and get (from local growers) the plants we don't have.
  • We provide landscape consultation services.

Cool weather digging
Ed Wood Full Moon Japanese Maple
European Hornbeams
Firepower Nandina
7 to 8 foot Nellie R. Stevens Hollies in field

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