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Pinebush co-owner Pat has written and published: Landscape Lessons: A Practical and Inspirational Primer for the Southern Soil and Soul. It is available for sale at the nursery (at a discounted price) as well as online through the publisher ( and in bookstores and other online services such as

Click here to buy direct from the author, with autograph and inscription if desired, at less than 1/2 list price.


by Patricia Godwin Dunleavy
A gardening book like no other, this guide, inspired by Nature and a Southern upbringing, presents practical information in bite-sized portions, and spices it with inspirational, cultural, historical, scientific, pictorial, anecdotal, and whimsical information to give the gardener a comforting context in which to work. Written by a professional nursery owner and lifelong gardener, the book also shows, through the writing and entertaining illustrations, how gardening influences our lives and families and how garden activities intertwine with, and become a part of, our personal histories. It explores a multitude of garden-related subjects, inspires a balanced relationship with oneself and nature, and gives perspective to the circle of life. Readers will have fun exploring topics such as: When is the best time to plant? What is the smell of rain? What is the best way to create a privacy screen? Why are hollies the most misunderstood landscape plants? What is crape murder? What role have plant hunters played for our landscape? Why are plant names often confusing? How are planting beds best prepared? What are the best plants for fall color? Why should lawns be minimized? What, exactly, is xeriscaping? How does asexual reproduction work? What are the most reliable annuals? How do nurseries harvest balled-and-burlapped trees? What is the role of plants in the circle of life?

The book has 336 pages plus front matter and an index. There are 47 illustrations. Cover design, with Tree of Four Seasons, and graphics by Catherine A. Dunleavy.
ISBN 978-0-9823801-0-9

“It is a rare book that provides relevant information for a beginning gardener and the experienced one in an easy-to-read format. Patricia Dunleavy has written a wonderful guide to the use of ornamental plant material in the South. Her experience as a lifelong gardener and as a professional nursery owner is evident on every page. The book is both accurate and highly readable, organized in an easy to follow chronology, and made useful to any level of gardener no matter what time of year it is referenced. More importantly, Dunleavy has crafted a marvelous document, with entertaining and informative illustrations, on how gardening influences our lives and families and how garden activities intertwine with, and become part of, our personal histories. I was fascinated by her recollections and family stories, and as a transplant to the South, gained a delightful insight on Southern culture. I enthusiastically recommend this book to all gardeners, regardless of age, outlook, or geographic origin, who wish to have a window to the many vistas of Southern gardening.”
—Paul A. Thomas, Professor of Floriculture, University of Georgia

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