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NOTE: On July 16, 2011, and after 30 years in business, we discontinued our regular operating hours and long-term growing operation. HOWEVER, we still
• Sell, retail and wholesale, from our thousands of large trees and shrubs in the field. We also have a small selection of containerized trees and shrubs.
• Locate plants (from local growers) for customers if we do not have them in our stock.
• Provide landscape consultation services.
For information on our available stock, locating plants, or landscape consultation services, contact John at
We continue to grow large trees and shrubs in the field, as well as a very small amount of containerized trees and shrubs. We can locate (from local growers) trees, shrubs, and perennials for you if we don't have what you want. Contact John at for information on our stock and location services, as well as his landscape consultation services.
Use the links below for more details on stock as well as plant pics and descriptions.





We have many types of evergreens like these Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens': This evergreen is our most popular screening holly. It's wider at the base than many upright hollies. Very dark green lustrous leaves. Sun or part shade. Medium to fast growth rate. Grows to 15 - 25 feet. Drought tolerant.
Autumn Blaze maples in the field. This is a short row of trees remaining from a larger block. It will soon be replanted with other field stock.
This block of containerized trees illustrates just one size available in containers. We have much smaller and much larger ones in many varieties.
These trees are examples of some of our deciduous field stock. The trees with black straps are 2-inch caliper sugar maples. The trees with white straps are 2.5-3 inch caliper October Glory red maples.
Our stock of Japanese Maples is huge. We have both containerized and field grown. Reds, greens, uprights and dissectums (lace-leaf).
Our Advantage TreesTM are harvested with the do-it-yourself homeowner in mind. The root ball is sized so transportation and installation are possible without additional equipment or help. These, and other sizes, are pre-dug balled and burlapped stock.
Sasanqua camellias (like this one) bloom in this area from about the first of November until February. These evergreen members of the tea family (Theaceae) display a mass of flowers, from white to rose colored, 2-3 inches wide. The bushes grow 6-10 feet tall.

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