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Although we have closed our retail operation, we still have plenty of stock, mostly in the large sizes in the field. Please call John or email to arrange a time to visit the nursery or to discuss the discounts available.
Are You a Wholesale Customer? Some of our customers qualify for wholesale pricing on our plants. Re-wholesalers, landscapers, garden centers, nurseries, builders, and others regularly involved in the business of landscape plants or landscaping are invited to contact us regarding our wholesale pricing. Our selection of woody ornamental trees and shrubs (flowering, shade, evergreen, deciduous), containerized, and balled and burlapped is extensive and covers over 75 acres. We are particularly heavy in hollies, providing numerous varieties in large and small sizes.

NOTE: IF YOU ARE A WHOLESALE CUSTOMER, WE WILL ALWAYS BE AVAILABLE TO YOU, even though our gates are closed. Email John to set up appointment or check on availability.
We deliver to certain locations on our trucks. Accounts are available for proven customers only. We do not accept credit cards.
Contact John at

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